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SPOT VS WASH: What’s the Difference?


If you are not sure whether you should be using a spot or wash light don’t worry! The decision on what light is best to use largely depends on what exactly you plan on using the light for. With a few facts on each of these light sources, you will have a better idea which […]

Museum Lighting & LED: What to Know

Museum Lighting and LED

           Have you ever considered the importance of lighting in the world of a museum? Well, seeing is believing (see what I did there?)! LED lights have become among the most prominent lighting used to brighten the display of various exhibits around the world. Museum lighting and LED has made it possible […]

Audio and Video Rentals: Hidden Costs

Mirage LED Video Wall Panels Trade Show Rental

Audio and Video Rentals: Hidden Costs Avoiding Financial Landmines While Planning Your AV   Avoiding the shock of finding “hidden fees” on audio and video rentals that you hadn’t planned for may be as simple as just asking the right questions in the beginning. Generally, most “hidden costs” aren’t actually hidden- a lot of them […]

Stage Lighting Rental Vs Purchase : Which Makes Sense for You?

zenith lighting get a quote background stage lighting rental

Not sure whether to rent or purchase your stage lighting equipment? Considering certain factors will help you understand when to stop renting an start buying.  Stage lighting rental may often meet unplanned needs, but it is import to keep in mind how often you are renting and how much more planning is actually required. The various […]

7 things to know before renting event lighting equipment

event lighting equipment

7 Things to Know Before Renting Event Lighting Equipment When Ordering Your Lighting, The Devil’s in the Details When renting the lighting equipment for your next event, you need to make sure you know in advance exactly what you’ll need and- perhaps more importantly- how it is all going to fit in the space you […]

Getting the Most Out of LED Stage Lighting

Why Use LED Stage Lighting? When and Why to Choose the LED Option Many event companies and coordinators are debating the use of LED stage lighting compared to the conventional lighting they have always used. One of the biggest selling points on LED over a more conventional light is that LEDS require a fraction of […]

Event Templates and Tools

awesome free tools pic

Event Planning Tools, Templates, and Links Free stuff….who doesn’t like free stuff?We’ve put together some of our favorite FREE event planning tools in one easy to navigate location. They aren’t OUR templates, but they are tools that we’ve found to be useful over the years and we are hoping you’ll get some use out of […]

4 Staples of Great Event Lighting Design

oralndo event lighting companies

Staging Connections of Australia recently put out a piece that caught our eye…it’s a nice starter piece that does a great job of explaining 4 staples of Event Lighting Design in a very approachable and easy to digest way- for event lighting companies looking for brush up to complete novices alike. The article breaks things […]

Beginners Guide to Properly Lighting A Trade Show Exhibit

trade show lighting blog post

Beginners Guide to Properly Lighting a Trade Show Exhibit Bringing Your Exhibit to Life Through Smart Lighting There is an art to correctly lighting a trade show exhibit… One of the areas that we concentrate on is lighting and AV for the Trade Show and Convention arena, and we’re always on the lookout for articles […]