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Trade Show Lighting: Questions to ask your designer

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Trade Show Lighting: Questions to Ask Your Designer Enlisting an Expert Can Save You Headaches on the Floor It probably goes without saying (though -of course – I am about to say it anyways), but -when designing your trade show lighting , it is always a good idea to ask an actual designer for their […]

Church Interior Lighting: Tips From the Experts

Illuminating your place of worship is one of the most important decisions you will have in the design phase of church lighting, whether remodeling or building from the ground up. Church interior lighting effects visibility and mood. The Focal Point:The lighting in a church can draw attention from one area and detract it to another. Creating […]

The TRUSS RENTAL COMPANY Secret to Saving On Labor

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Unions and the Truss Rental Company The Secret to Saving on Labor Truss is sort of one of those staples at almost every event, yet it’s often one of those things you don’t really notice unless you are specifically looking for it. Done correctly it can seamlessly integrate with the surrounds and be nearly invisible, […]

Trade Show Booth Lighting: What to Ask Your Designer

​Trade show booth lighting can be set up in various ways, and your selection depends on what you want to deliver. Different lighting effects such as color temperature and chromaticity influences the entire space where the lighting is provided. With a little extra planning you can have your trade show booth look flattering and attract as many […]

Being Strategic with Stage Lighting and Effects

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Being Strategic with Rental Stage Lighting and Effects   Do You Know Which Stage Design Tool Is Best For Each Job?     Stage effects are one of the hallmarks of a “professional show”. They are usually over the top ways to emphasize dramatic moments, punctuate music, or just add an extra element of excitement […]

Own Vs. Rental LED Video Panels

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Own Vs. Rental LED Video Panels Deciding What Works Best For Your Company When looking for LED video panels, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while making the decision to either rent or to buy. Rental LED Video Panels can take you a long way without making the big […]

Professional Resources: Part Two

deluxe event budgeting template

Event Planning Tools, Templates and Links Pt. 2 Keeping up with the theme of Free Professional Resources,  we have compiled our second set of tools and templates to make your life easier!While these are not OUR templates, they are tools that we have found to be extremely useful throughout the years- enjoy! ​ Sample Load In […]