5 Things Not to Do with Your Event Lighting Rental

A Handful of “Uh Oh” Moments That Will Derail and Event Every Time!

13781740_10207786204507665_6506146551248104313_nWhile we won’t pretend that lighting an event is easy or something that everyone is automatically going to take to like the proverbial “duck to water”, there are certain things that ANYONE should be able to do to help stack the deck in their favor, and it all starts with the event lighting rental – before a single light has been plugged in!
1.      Failure to test your event lighting rental before the event goes on can be a huge mistake. This means you have to check the power strips and outlets you’re planning on using to make sure those work as well. You need to solve all the connection problems before the event starts. Do a full test of all of the lights run together to make sure that everything works well when you are running through the program.
2.      Stay away from using too much lighting if it doesn’t serve a purpose. If you have too many things for your attendees to look at it can take away from the overall theme and atmosphere of the event.
3.      When possible, you should try to visit the site before drawing up your lighting design and renting gear. It would be wise to also bring your lighting designer along with you so you know what will and will not work when it comes to your event lighting rental.
4.      Make sure when planning your timeline for the event that you allow enough time to set up. If you want everything to work properly and look the way it should then you need to give your lighting crew enough time to set up the equipment the way it’s supposed to be.
5.      Bad timing on your lighting cues are a common flub, and one that can be solved with running the entire program as a test before the actual event. You need to make sure all of your cues are clear and understandable to everyone before you start so you don’t have lights going off when they aren’t supposed to- or worse- no lights when you are supposed to have some.
All of these issues can be resolved with planning and preparation on your part. As well as communication with your crew to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

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Duncan Lance - October 4, 2018 Reply

I do like that the article suggests visiting the venue before you start looking to rent lighting equipment. A proper lighting set up for any event is quite complicated and there are many things to take into consideration. By visiting the venue you can get an idea of where you’ll need to set the lights and what kind of lights you’ll need to rent in order to get the best setup.

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