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7 Things to Know Before Renting Event Lighting Equipment

When Ordering Your Lighting, The Devil’s in the Details

When renting the lighting equipment for your next event, you need to make sure you know in advance exactly what you’ll need and- perhaps more importantly- how it is all going to fit in the space you are hosting your event at. Your lighting tech will be the best one to answer of all your questions on event lighting equipment. Here are some things to keep in mind.

–        The first question you’ll be asked (or at least SHOULD be asked) by the company you rent your lighting gear from is “What result do you want to achieve?”. Be specific- until you have a clear and concise answer, it will be impossible to move on to anything else.

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–        Does the company you’re renting from own their own event lighting equipment? If not how much of your equipment will be outsourced? It’s not a bad thing to get it from a reputable cross-rental partner, but it’s important to make sure that your chosen vendor knows the equipment they are working with.

–        Does the venue you’ve chose have enough power to light everything you want to for your event? If not how can you minimize the power used while still getting the effect you want? LEDS and strategic placement can be great ways to extend your abilities when power is in short supply!

–        Are there other fees besides the cost of rental for the gear itself? Shipping, labor, prep, etc?

–        Can the company you’re renting from provide design or planning assistance if needed?

–        Keep in mind you need to ask for everything you need or want ahead of time. Your lighting tech or sales person isn’t going to know you need a specific item just because you asked for other equipment that can go with it. You don’t need to know specific products of course, but if you want a specific outcome or look (for instance, if you want a specific wall to be highlighted, make sure your lighting team knows as early in the process as possible).

–        Don’t wait until the last minute to book your event lighting equipment, especially during the busy seasons because you may not get what you need to make your event look the way you want.

And while we are on the topic, here are a few more tips that might help you.

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Braden Bills - December 1, 2016 Reply

I’m hosting a party for my family and friends. I didn’t even think about the lighting! I’ll make sure that I get everything I need to ensure that the party can go on into the night!

Jeff Evans - December 19, 2016 Reply

As it says in the article, it’s important to make sure that they know exactly what you want out of using professional lighting. I know that if I was getting lighting done for an event I would want it to look perfect and the only way I could is if I told the company exactly what I want. Thanks for the good read, this will come in very handy!

    Ryan McKay - December 22, 2016 Reply

    Thanks for the kind words and for chiming in Jeff- I have a feeling that you have seen plenty of good AND bad examples- the difference is certainly in the details 😉

Melanie William - January 23, 2017 Reply

Very nice article informative content thanks we liked it.

Alan Garcia - April 27, 2017 Reply

Thank you very much and its beautiful page,we liked it.

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