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Audio and Video Rentals: Hidden Costs

Avoiding Financial Landmines While Planning Your AV


Avoiding the shock of finding “hidden fees” on audio and video rentals that you hadn’t planned for may be as simple as just asking the right questions in the beginning. Generally, most “hidden costs” aren’t actually hidden- a lot of them are there to begin with- but many people don’t know how to ask about them.

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When you’re renting AV gear, keep in mind that it may come with other parts to make them run and those can also have fees associated with them. In this case you need to know exactly what you are renting and the things that come along with it. Many people forget the little things cost money too. Things such as your tape to hold down cable, and gels to color your lights- sometimes these aren’t included with the rental, so make sure you ask in advance!

The most popular “hidden costs” that people forget to ask about are:

–        Transportation: Trucking the audio and video rental equipment from the warehouse to the event site and then back to the warehouse after it is over. Make sure that this is clearly line-itemed out and that you discuss the plan for any possible overages from shipping delays in advance.

–        Labor: You’ll want to hire the people who know the equipment well and who are able to handle any surprises that may come up during your event. Likewise, scheduling will also a big deal because if you are paying per man hour and you don’t pay attention to the hours that your company has specifically quoted, you could end up paying for extra days or overtime hours. Lock down who is responsible for overages if there are delays.

–        Taxes: Depending on the location of your event, the tax rates can hit you if you aren’t expecting them…especially if you aren’t expecting to pay ANY tax!

Also, depending on the venue where your event is hosted, you may have to bring in more power than what the venue currently has in order to run your audio and video rentals. There are ways around this, but it’s better to make sure you (or your AV rental company) speak the facility well in advance of the gear shipping!

Working with a legitimate rental AV company or event coordinator will take a lot of these worries off of your hands, though you should always keep track of what is being included and what isn’t.

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