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Beginners Guide to Properly Lighting a Trade Show Exhibit

Bringing Your Exhibit to Life Through Smart Lighting

There is an art to correctly lighting a trade show exhibit…

One of the areas that we concentrate on is lighting and AV for the Trade Show and Convention arena, and we’re always on the lookout for articles and tips that we find value in that we can then share with our partners and friends as well- this week we found one from the good folks at ADM Two , which is a custom exhibit and environment builder from Tampa. The article (one of dozens of great posts on their site) delves into how to properly light a trade show exhibit.

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  • When lighting a trade show exhibit, you need to remember that- usually- the simpler the better. If you go too over-the-top it can become a deterrent for your clients.
  • Spots are an easy way to highlight a new product you’ve just launched or even a whole line, but keep in mind that you want to stay “clean”, so only highlighting the most important products may be better for your overall strategy.
  • Accent lighting (wash beams) can be a subtle but effective way to call attention to your logo or displays. Accent lighting can be combined with your spotlights to add another layer of dimension to your exhibit without being distracting. Make sure that any lighting you’re using not only flatters the products you are trying to sell but also yourself and the customers.
  • GOBO lighting using your logo can grab people’s attention and set you apart from others as well as it is a good way for people to remember your name.
  • Lighting doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it can be the one thing that sets your exhibit apart from everyone else’s without having to get too extravagant and spending a lot of money.

Again, this weeks article review comes from our friends at ADM Exhibits. To see the original article in all of it’s glory, check out

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