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Stage Light Rental -vs- Corporate Event Light Rental

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Stage Light Rental -vs- Corporate Event Light Rental 5 Differences You Need to Know Before You Rent Professional Lighting Whenever I explain to someone outside of our industry just what it is that we do at Zenith Lighting, I tend to get the same questions: “Do you work with anyone famous?” (Yes). Do you make […]

5 Ways to Use Stage LED Lights the Correct Way

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6 Ways to Use Stage LED Lights the Correct Way LED Lighting Can Solve A lot of Lighting Challenges, But You Have to Know The Lay of the Land!     The fact that stage led lights are becoming more and more popular is hardly news- a quick glance at any rider, pull sheet, or […]

What Does Intelligent Stage Lighting Mean?

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What Does”Intelligent Lighting” Mean? A Layman Explanation    Intelligent Stage Lighting is stage lighting that has automated or mechanical functions beyond the more traditional stationary illumination. While they are capable of displaying complicated effects and functions, they can only do what the programmer tells them to do.   They are fully automated, which allows the […]

Trade Show Booth Lighting: What to Ask Your Designer

​Trade show booth lighting can be set up in various ways, and your selection depends on what you want to deliver. Different lighting effects such as color temperature and chromaticity influences the entire space where the lighting is provided. With a little extra planning you can have your trade show booth look flattering and attract as many […]

Being Strategic with Stage Lighting and Effects

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Being Strategic with Rental Stage Lighting and Effects   Do You Know Which Stage Design Tool Is Best For Each Job?     Stage effects are one of the hallmarks of a “professional show”. They are usually over the top ways to emphasize dramatic moments, punctuate music, or just add an extra element of excitement […]

Own Vs. Rental LED Video Panels

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Own Vs. Rental LED Video Panels Deciding What Works Best For Your Company When looking for LED video panels, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while making the decision to either rent or to buy. Rental LED Video Panels can take you a long way without making the big […]

SPOT VS WASH: What’s the Difference?


If you are not sure whether you should be using a spot or wash light don’t worry! The decision on what light is best to use largely depends on what exactly you plan on using the light for. With a few facts on each of these light sources, you will have a better idea which […]

Stage Lighting Rental Vs Purchase : Which Makes Sense for You?

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Not sure whether to rent or purchase your stage lighting equipment? Considering certain factors will help you understand when to stop renting an start buying.  Stage lighting rental may often meet unplanned needs, but it is import to keep in mind how often you are renting and how much more planning is actually required. The various […]

Getting the Most Out of LED Stage Lighting

Why Use LED Stage Lighting? When and Why to Choose the LED Option Many event companies and coordinators are debating the use of LED stage lighting compared to the conventional lighting they have always used. One of the biggest selling points on LED over a more conventional light is that LEDS require a fraction of […]

We got our Robe BMFL’s!

Zenith Lighting Robe BMFL Spot Wash 3

We’re going to keep this short and sweet- We just received our brand new Robe BMFL fixtures and….oooooh so awesome! We have both the spots and washes now, and to say we’re a little excited is a grand understatement- these things are AWESOME! As of now, we have 18 of the spots and 12 of […]