We got our Robe BMFL’s!

Zenith Lighting Robe BMFL Spot Wash 3

We’re going to keep this short and sweet- We just received our brand new Robe BMFL fixtures and….oooooh so awesome! We have both the spots and washes now, and to say we’re a little excited is a grand understatement- these things are AWESOME!

As of now, we have 18 of the spots and 12 of the wash beams, though with the demand we’ve seen for them and with how many requests we have already taken, that number could change quickly.

robe patt 2013 rental orlando

Need To Check Pricing / Availability?

Are you a lighting designer, event planner, trade show manager, or an event tech company looking for rental support on an upcoming project? Please let us know! We serve the entire hemisphere!

If you are in Central or Southeast Florida and want to play with them, let us know- they’re a lot of fun and our doors are open to you- just give us some warning to make sure we have them in house before you stop out!


zenith lighting robe bmfl 2

zenith lighting robe bmfl spot wash

zenith lighting robe bmfl spot wash 2

zenith lighting robe bmfl spot washzenith lighting robe bmfl spot wash

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