Museum Lighting & LED: What to Know

Museum Lighting and LED

           Have you ever considered the importance of lighting in the world of a museum? Well, seeing is believing (see what I did there?)!

 LED lights have become among the most prominent lighting used to brighten the display of various exhibits around the world. Museum lighting and LED has made it possible to light fragile art (even a bit brighter than normal) thanks to the fact that LED's do not emit UV's that could potentially cause damage.

           The most important factor with museum lighting and LED lighting specifically  in the setting itself. In order to see what looks best, it is imperative to put the art and light side by side altering it for the best visual appeal.  The biggest concern with LED lighting is the color of the light as it tends to be bluer than most lights, but compromise is the incredible energy savings. The number of museums that are changing over to LED lights proves that the energy savings greatly over powers the worry about the quality. 

          Museum lighting and LED can reduce the carbon footprint immensely, as well as save time and money. Installing LED lights can be expensive, but the savings can offset that. Maintenance costs will decrease with the use of LED's. Overall, museum lighting and LED use will be efficient for you since there are now a wide range of LEDs available – recessed, linear, track, mounted spotlights, individual spotlights, retrofit and more. 

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