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Zenith Lighting Orlando Expands Hours, Opens Earlier!


After years of our operating hours being a straight 9am- 5:30pm Monday – Friday, Zenith Lighting Orlando has updated it’s rental stage lighting warehouse / dock hours to 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday!

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Need To Check Pricing / Availability?

Are you a lighting designer, event planner, trade show manager, or an event tech company looking for rental support on an upcoming project? Please let us know! We serve the entire hemisphere!


“We noticed our clients were asking for early pick ups more and more often as their schedules have become tighter and tighter. It wasn’t long ago that people were asking us how late they could pick up and drop off rental gear, but over the last year the question has changed to ‘How early do you guys get in?’ and ‘Will you have anyone there before nine?’ according to Marketing Manager Ryan McKay


While the back of house expands to earlier hours to send and receiving rental stage lighting, truss, video, and accessories, the front office will still be operating with the original 9am – 5:30pm Monday- Friday hours.


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