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Own Vs. Rental LED Video Panels

Deciding What Works Best For Your Company

RobesWhen looking for LED video panels, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while making the decision to either rent or to buy. Rental LED Video Panels can take you a long way without making the big investment to buy.
–        How often will you be using the video panels?
o   Is this just a onetime thing or do you have several other events lined up where you will be using the same amount of panels?
–        On what scale will you be using the video panels?
o   Do you just need a small area or do you need to cover the back of a large stage? And again how often will you be using these? And if you need a large amount, will you be using that many again in the future?
–        Is this job a permanent install or a couple daylong event?
o   If you are using the video panels for a one time three daylong event it will be a better idea to use rental LED video panels, but if you are planning on doing a permanent install it may be worth the investment to buy. In that case in the long run the panels will end up paying for themselves.
For sheer “OMG-Factor”, LED Video panels can be a great investment on both accounts, so the specifics of your situation and how often you think you will be using them, will answer the question on whether or not you should purchase them outright. Keep in mind though- if you do purchase them and they are not going into a permanent installation- you are going to need a safe and dry place to store them where they won’t get damaged. As always we recommend doing your research before making that final decision to rent or buy.

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