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Event Planning Tools, Templates and Links Pt. 2

Keeping up with the theme of Free Professional Resources,  we have compiled our second set of tools and templates to make your life easier!

While these are not OUR templates, they are tools that we have found to be extremely useful throughout the years- enjoy!

robe patt 2013 rental orlando

Need To Check Pricing / Availability?

Are you a lighting designer, event planner, trade show manager, or an event tech company looking for rental support on an upcoming project? Please let us know! We serve the entire hemisphere!

Some very valuable information supplied by Trade Show Supply on things you should know when ordering your power for an event.

Cvent has put together a list of things you need to know when putting together an event. You need to keep up with the terms of the industry to make sure you are getting everything you need for your event. Also knowing your stuff will make sure that you don't have hidden costs, you weren't aware of.

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