Our Robe MegaPointe’s Just Arrived!

Robe Mega Pointe

Every once in a while, we get a new fixture that we believe will completely change the way that the entire lighting industry designs, and today- after months of careful planning- one of those lights made it’s way from Robe to our warehouse, and we couldn’t be more excited….

We proudly present the ROBE MEGA POINTE!

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Taking inspiration from the original Robe Robin Pointe and adding a multitude of amazing new features and incredible power, the Mega Pointe is already being spec’ed for some of the biggest tours currently being planned.

Among the benefits offered by the MegaPointe, are:


Super bright sharp parallel beams

Excellent gobo projection

precise movement

smooth CMY colour mixing and dimming

Tons of beam splitting, wash, and shaping effects

Adjustable beam with range of 1.8 – 42 degree zoom

Amazingly precise in-air effects or project images

12 varying beam and flower effects

a brand new and innovative shutter emulation



  • Light source

    Osram Sirius HRI 470 W RO

  • Light output

    MEGA bright 2.215.000 lx @ 5 m

  • Zoom range

    1.8°– 21° beam mode, 3°– 42° spot mode

  • Effects

    rotating and static gobo wheel, animation wheel, 12 beam and flower effects



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