Mirage 20mm Panels

Mirage is an innovative semi-transparent LED display with video technology. It is not built physically as a solid barrier, but allows you to see what is behind it and allows light beams to pass through it in both directions. It is a see-through display, with a structure consisting of thin horizontal bars alternated with gaps which give it an approximately 50% transparency ratio.

The display consists of 640 x 640 mm square modules. Each module contains its own power supply and control electronics, and the modules may be daisy-chained together. The system architecture is extremely simple. The modules may be put together into screens of every shape and size. All that is needed to complete the system is the control interface and a standard computer for configuration and providing the video contents. MIRAGE is built to be used both in and outdoors. The panels have IP65 protection on the front and IP54 on the rear. Each panel has a special waterproof rustproof coating.

MIRAGE is a particularly lightweight strong LED display that is easy to set up and disassemble. It was specially designed for touring shows and events. The aluminium and steel structure optimizes strength and makes it lightweight. Each panel weighs only 5.7 kg (14 kg per square metre) and the simple hanging system means a single person can mount them on rigs in a few minutes. These characteristics are highly appreciated by roadies and riggers, both during assembly and dismantlement.

With a brightness of 2350 NIT, the animations projected by MIRAGE are rich and vibrant, and perfectly visible in any outdoor lighting conditions, even in broad daylight. The colours obtainable are almost infinite, and can be further extended by colour temperature calibration.

The LEDs used are full-colour SMDs (surface mounted diodes) with the most advanced technology in terms of power, luminous efficiency, colour mixing, strength and life. Every pixel is a microscopic flat RGB LED unit, completely built into the structure. This ensures perfect picture readability even at large viewing angles and long distances.

The actual pixel pitch is 20 mm, with a density of 2500 LEDs per square metre. It has a “curtain” architecture, since the panels are hung from above, and the parallel LED bar structure ensures about 50% transparency.

Set and lighting designers may create charming scenic effects. They may add backlighting with washlights, pierce the screens with spot or beam lights, or create three-dimensional effects using screens with different resolutions overlapping on different planes.

The 20 mm pitch is the result of a very careful choice that takes into account the typical viewing distance at shows and events and combines opposing needs, such as picture readability and transparency, lightness and strength. A smaller pitch would lead to a picture with higher resolution, but the screen would lose most of its transparency and be much more expensive.

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