Truss, Distro, and Grip Equipment Rental

Truss, Distro and Grip Equipment

A collection of the most in demand names of trade show and stage lighting truss- designed to cut your show site costs, to augment your presentation, and to make your life easier to in stock and available to rent or purchase for your next project!

Please click on each individual lighting console to see pictures, download specs or inquire about a rental

Mutlitple Varieties and Sizes Available....

zenith ighting applied truss

Applied Truss

zenith lighting tyler truss pic

Tyler Truss

zenith lighting total structures truss

Total Structures Truss

zenith lighting tomcat truss

TomCat Truss

zenith lighting thomas truss

Thomas Truss

zenith lighting Total Structures Spot Chair

Spot Chairs

zenith lighting applied racks

Applied Racks

zenith lighting 8 way truss mount motor controls with remotes

8 Way Motor Controls with Remote

zenith lighting city theatrical 12 way power supplies

12 Way Power Supply

zenith lighting CM Quarter Ton Motor

CM Quarter Ton Motor

Zenith lighting CM Half Ton Motor

CM Half Ton Motor

zenith lighting one ton motor

CM One Ton Motor

zenith lighting grip equipment rental purchase

Grip Equipment

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We try to represent a good selection of our most popular gear on this page, but our inventory is always growing and sometimes an item hasn't made it up yet. If you have a specific item you are looking for but don't see on our site, let us know- we may still have it available and ready to go!

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