Christie Double Dance Tower

The perfect solution for rigging either conventional lights or movers that need be used as side lighting. The Dance Towers can easily be mounted either on wheels or flown and -if your design calls for it- they can also be connected together using truss pins to increase the length. A great option for combining pre-rigging, awesome design aesthetic, and mobility! 

  • 28” deep overall
  • 31.5” wide overall
  • 81” High between pins
  • Weight 75lbs
  • Can be vertically mounted on Swing wing truss
  • Fixtures can be attached with either unistrut or 2” pipe
  • Hanging points are movable both horizontally and vertically within the tower
Truss with 2 x 80" unistrut channels, 2 x 27" pipes, Base/Top, 4 Pins: 122 lbs
Christie Dance Tower rent