Stage Lighting Rental Vs Purchase : Which Makes Sense for You?

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Not sure whether to rent or purchase your stage lighting equipment? Considering certain factors will help you understand when to stop renting an start buying.  Stage lighting rental may often meet unplanned needs, but it is import to keep in mind how often you are renting and how much more planning is actually required. The various components that lead to your decision can idealize supporting your mission, cost effectiveness, and success.

Stage Lighting Rental Vs. Purchase - The Scenario:

The initial decision on rental vs purchase should begin with identifying past use patterns of equipment and potential future use. Recognizing how versatile your equipment needs to be also can influence the decision to rent or buy. Frequency of equipment use is related to pay back, so obviously high frequency use of equipment would be more suitable to buy. If equipment is not used often but needed in an emergency it makes sense to rent. 

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Stage Lighting Rental Vs. Purchase - Comparison & Benefits:

Purchasing stage lighting equipment can be ideal when used moderately to frequently. ​When purchasing, you also do not have to worry about pickup or drop off fees. Even if purchased equipment is not used often, it can be available instantly. Rental lighting equipment can be cheaper for an upfront unplanned for cost, as well as typically being insured, and you do not have to worry about maintenance. 

If you're considering a lighting equipment purchase, why not talk to our lighting specialists to help weigh the pro's and con's for your specific circumstances? Just click here!

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