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The Gear LD's Want-

Lovingly Maintained and Thoughtfully Packed.

It's nice to have a large inventory, but if it's not the RIGHT inventory, it doesn't do much good. 

​From Aura's to Megapointes, Viper's to Atomic 3K's, and of course all of the top name rigging and consoles needed to pull of the show the right way, every stop of the tour!

​When you get your touring lighting and video from Zenith, you'll know your gear has been prepped to be road ready, packed for easy logistics, and ready to go!

We've Got You Covered...

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    ​Professional grade production lighting from the brands LD's choose
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    ​Indoor and Outdoor LED Video rental including walls and Sceptrons
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    ​Tour support including seasoned LD's, ME's, & Lighting and Video Techs
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    Tour ready truss- Tyler GT, Tomcat, Thomas and more, black and silver
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    ME paperwork and Lighting Design services available
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    Hazers, foggers, cryo, confetti, strobes
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     A close network of trusted partners to help turnkey audio, staging, and backline

​Plenty of Room to Spread Out....and Out.... and...

​With more than 30,000 square feet of ​flexible and dedicated prep space at our Central Florida facility, Zenith can comfortably host tour preps of nearly any size. We'll have everything waiting for you and your crew exactly the way you like it, and we always go the extra mile to make sure that our guests are fully accomodated so that they are comfortable and confident when the first case rolls onto the first truck.  

We can also provide quality and tour-seasoned warehouse help to back up your crew to make sure every fixture is properly addressed, every stick of Tyler GT is cleanly pre-rigged, and every cable is correctly loomed just the way you want it!​

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​Touring Lighting and Video Support. 

​It's not enough to have the "right" gear, or the "best" gear​. A true touring partner also needs to understand the touring experience. 

​Zenith Lighting has been supporting Touring Productions all over the world for 30 years. Our people understand that it's far more than ​pushing equipment onto a truck. It's about making sure that every piece of gear is road ready, packed logically, sent in show shape, and that your team is set up for a win every single night. We help our clients win. It's just how we roll.

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​YES featuring ARW