​Trade show booth lighting can be set up in various ways, and your selection depends on what you want to deliver. Different lighting effects such as color temperature and chromaticity influences the entire space where the lighting is provided. With a little extra planning you can have your trade show booth look flattering and attract as many people as possible! 

"Will these lights compliment the style of the trade show booth?" 
Installing lights in your booth you need to have a clear idea of how you'll be using your space. If you intend on showing details and elaborate displays then you do not want to have a shadow. Just as if you wanted a more relaxed feel you would not want recessed light glaring. 

"Will my lighting scheme have a focus?"
Trade show booth lighting needs to have strategic placement in order to have a seamless appearance. Overall you want lighting that compliments the style and theme you are trying to achieve, not distract from it. 

"What works within our budget?"
Understanding your budget can help early on in the design process and give you the best chance at a return on investment. By discussing a budget you and your designer will be able to create an aesthetic experience, as well as integrate your brand experience. 

What to keep in mind:
 Firstly, you want to attract your visitors. Second, you may need more than attraction grabbing lights, you may need lights that provide clarity. Lastly, you want to bring clients / possible customers into a designated area that seems inviting (almost like a place that has always been there).

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