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Avoiding the Sting of Hidden Fees with Hanging Sign Rigging

Knowing About Hidden Fees REALLY IS Half the Battle…

When we come across a great article that we think can help our friends and partners. This one came from custom exhibit builder Apple Rock and it’s got some great thoughts on a few things exhibitors can do to reduce some of the hidden fees that they often come across while exhibiting at trade shows- we were particularly drawn in by the advice on avoiding the hidden fees of hanging sign rigging.

According to the article, one of the simplest ways to draw more attention to your exhibit booth on the trade show floor is by using hanging signage above your booth. Keep in mind when using  this approach that you need to know  the rules and regulations of the space you are in. If you don’t know all of your information beforehand, it can take an otherwise simple boost to the exhibit and turn it into a considerably more expensive headache- especially if the show you are doing is in a union state. States with strong union presence typically have extra regulations put into place, but those regulations tend to have rather hefty hidden fees so you need to know the rules ahead of time because they are different for each state.

Speaking from experience, knowing what the union labor HAS TO be involved with and what they don’t can make a huge difference in your overall costs. Handling as much of the process as you can and reducing the amount of on-the-floor set up for truss and lighting that has to be done tends to be the quickest ways to reduce your end-of-show bill.


There’s plenty of other great info in the article which you can find here ~! 


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Our thanks to Apple Rock for the great information!

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