Intelligent Lighting

What Does”Intelligent Lighting” Mean?

A Layman Explanation

 Intelligent Lighting
 Intelligent Stage Lighting is stage lighting that has automated or mechanical functions beyond the more
traditional stationary illumination. While they are capable of displaying complicated effects and
functions, they can only do what the programmer tells them to do.
They are fully automated, which allows the lights to move and create complicated and colorful effects
on any background.
Intelligent lighting can create lighting arrangements of your desired colors to match the theme of your
event, such as your wedding colors, or the colors in your company’s logo.
When using theatre or stage lighting you can have a lot of cool effects like in a theatre changing the
stage from day to dusk to create the mood in your performance.
There are a couple other terms that are typically associated with intelligent lighting;
·        Moving heads- has ability to change color and pattern has a wide range of mobility options
·        Scanners- also have the ability to change color and patterns but have a limited mobility.
A majority of the intelligent stage lighting has also moved to LED bulbs from the traditional bulbs
because they are longer lasting and easier to work with and use less energy.

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