3 Questions to Ask When Booking An Outdoor Event Lighting Rental

Weather Is Only One Thing You Need To Plan For!

13517489_1197545526957489_8883018191673309499_o1.      Do you have a backup weather plan for your event? If not, are the lights you are renting weather proof? If the answer to that question is also no, you may need to look into using tents for your event or finding alternative lighting that can handle the rain if you happen to get some on the day of your event. You always need to be prepared when doing a outdoor event lighting. As your rental provider about outdoor event rental lighting options!
2.      How will you power all of your lighting and where will you get this power from? Do you need a generator, or does the venue have an outdoor power source? If not are you going to have to run cords from the inside out to power your lighting? In that case you also need to ask yourself how are you going to accomplish that without the wires being visible or a tripping hazard to your guests. Also if you have to use a generator make sure that the one the venue has or the one you are getting is as quiet as possible, you don’t want your guests to hear the generator all night it will take away from the atmosphere of the event.
3.      Are you able to hang the lights you are using or will you need ground support to put them in the air? This is a question you need to first ask the venue and then discuss with your lighting designer. This is something that your lighting crew is going to need to know ahead of time too, which is why it is important that you check with your venue first. If they get there thinking that they are going to be able to hang the lights and then find out that the actually needed ground support, it is going to cost you more in both time and money because you are now going to be delayed on your set up timeline waiting for someone to bring it to the venue or one of your technicians having to go back to the warehouse get it all packed up- and then to bring it all back out to the venue.
The key to avoiding all of these issues is to always ask the right questions, and to ask as many questions as it takes to make sure you have all of your angles covered. It may also be a good idea to sit down with your outdoor event lighting designer and draw up your idea, because they will know what you need to ask the venue in order to make all of it work. You may even want to bring them along to your site visit to make sure that you haven’t missed anything as well. Be prepared and ask questions is always the key to a successful event.

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Alex Dean - May 22, 2017 Reply

I am currently helping my sister plan her outdoor wedding, and since it will be in our grandmother’s backyard we are in need of a lot of lights. It’s good to know one thing we need to consider is whether we are going to be able to hang the lights or do we need ground support. That way when we talk to the different rental companies then we know for sure whether we will be able to use their lights or not.

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