Who We Serve

Zenith is your entry point to a one-stop-shop for total excellence in full-service production. Anything and everything: our Live Events family of brands surround every client with dynamic, animated, and passionate service in lighting, audio, LED, video, rigging, FX, and fireworks. If you can imagine it, we can create and execute it.


Cultivating class.

Celebrate excellence and plan the classiest professional events with Zenith. Our range of expertise contributes to corporate events with an unmatched executive flair.


Bringing the hype.

For amusement parks, Zenith brings the hype—pushing the magic and immersion of parks to new visual and emotional heights and allowing every guest to make lifetime memories.


Lifting the spirit.

In worship contexts, Zenith provides insightful and appropriate solutions for creating atmospheres and productions that perfectly suit the tone and tenor of every moment, lifting the spirit of whoever is participating.


Creating harmony.

Zenith stands ready to serve all musical production events by creating visual harmony with whatever’s happening musically on stage, so that incredible moments cascade over every member of every audience.


Creating Unforgettable Memories.

Zenith strives to elevate the experience of every sports event by seamlessly aligning visual elements with the dynamic action unfolding on the field or court. Our teams work to enhance the visual harmony, allowing the thrill of each sporting achievement to cascade over every fan, creating unforgettable moments for all.


Ready to leave your audience beaming?

Our trained technicians and operators are working the wires to make sure when you reach out, we hit you back—fast. Let us know what’s on your mind.

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