Hot Dang, We Have an E-Commerce Store (The Zenith Lighting Shop)!

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We talked about it and talked about it, but there always seemed to be something else that had to come first.

At first it was just changing the general direction of the company… putting new people with new skills in place to better serve our clients. Then it was launching a new website for the company after nearly a year with a site that left quite a bit to be desired. Soon enough we were moving to a larger location in Orlando, and then our Miami office moved across town as well… next thing you know, it was Festival Season and all hands were on deck.

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Need To Check Pricing / Availability?

Are you a lighting designer, event planner, trade show manager, or an event tech company looking for rental support on an upcoming project? Please let us know! We serve the entire hemisphere!


Well, enough! Time is finally on our side and we are proud to announce the launch of the long awaited Zenith Lighting Shop !


The new site is designed to be VERY easy to navigate as nobody likes a confusing layout. We kept it simple, clean, and (hopefully) pleasant to spend time one. We’re splitting the site in two between a section with the hottest and most in-demand new Event/Entertainment Lighting offerings, and the other half dedicated to selling professional grade Previously Owned gear. Every month new gear will be added, and every month new coupons for up to 20% off will be sent to our email subscribers.


Check out the press release below and -hey- stop by the store and say hi!


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